It’s a veritable fancy vending machine feast!

It seems like I was just taking down the Kabuki Day decorations when Cat Day came along on 22 February and took me by surprise. They really should combine those holidays into some sort of Catbuki Day.

As awesome as that idea sounds, we’ll have to put it on the back burner for now because a big Cat Day development took place in the town of Kumatori in Osaka Prefecture. We recently reported on a Suntory vending machine that replaced some buttons with little cat paws. While adorable, cats themselves don’t want to drink hot green tea or Dekavita C energy drinks. This is a problem that rival vending machine operator DyDo has rectified with their own cat-themed vending machine installed outside the shelter and cat cafe Neco Republic Kumatori on Cat Day.

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary vending machine with cat ears, but beside the human-targeted drink selection is a second window of feline-oriented products.

Available to buy are two types of Mon Petit Crispy Kiss cat treats made by Purina. Thirty-gram (one-ounce) packets of Seafood or Fish & Chicken flavors can be purchased and taken home for your own cat or given to one of the many citizens of Neco Republic.

In fact, if you do buy a pack for the cats of Neco Republic you will receive a token for a human drink as a…well, token of appreciation. Neco Republic hopes this will encourage more people to visit and learn about the efforts to help stray cats in the area. And those looking for something cute in the machine need not worry either, because when purchasing a bag of Crispy Kiss the machine will meow at you.

Contributing to the welfare of cats is certainly one of the best things you can do for Cat Day, followed very closely by giving them treats, both of which can be done at this one convenient location from now on.

Now, for Catbuki Day I’m thinking little bobble balls with long red hair you can dangle in front of them…

Source: PR Times, Entabe, Neco Republic
Images: PR Times
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