Neco Republic

Cool cat cafe designed like a Japanese public bath lets you chill out with rescue cats

Take a dip in a cozy room full of warm and affectionate felines.

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Creating a cat island – Japanese organization plans to buy island turn it into kitty paradise

Cat cafe operator Neco Republic comes one step closer to founding its own country.

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New Tokyo cat cafe filled only with “Apple Cats” who have feline AIDS

The initiative aims to increase awareness and reduce prejudice against cats infected with the virus.
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Neco Meshi: The line of Japanese snacks that both you and your cat can eat! 【Taste test】

Snacks that cats and people alike can enjoy? It might not be as crazy as it sounds.

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Cat cuddles for a cause: New rescue cat cafe plans to open soon in Tokyo

Last month, we introduced you to Save Cat Cafe, one of Osaka’s first rescue cat cafes, which is run similarly to another cafe which opened recently in New York City.

Cat cafes are all over Japan, and allow petless cat lovers to spend some quality time with the furry felines they so adore. We’re particularly happy to see this recent boom of rescue cat cafes take off, as cafe chain Neco Republic, which already has locations in Osaka and Gifu Prefectures, is ready to open up a third branch, this time in Tokyo.

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