One of Japan’s best deals for sweets fans has been put on indefinite hiatus.

When you’re craving cookies, Aunt Stella’s is a great choice. Not only does the Japanese bakery chain have cookies in tons of different delicious flavors, once a month they offer an all-you-can-stuff cookie bag service, where you’re given a bag to fill with as many cookies as you can fit inside it for a flat fee of 1,700 yen (US$13.15).

Skilled sweets fans can stuff 900 grams (approximately 2 pounds) or more of cookies into a single bag, using tongs to grab the treats from Aunt Stella’s buffet-like containers filled with flavors such as chocolate chip, milk tea, sencha green tea, sakura cherry blossom, yuzu citrus, and strawberry. However, those sweet-stuffing skills suddenly won’t be doing them any good, as Aunt Stella has announced that it’s stopping its all-you-can-stuff deal, which was previously offered on the 19th of every month.

Why? Because the company isn’t confident that it can get enough eggs to make sufficiently large cookie batches to supply all the all-you-can-stuff customers. In a statement posted to its website, Aunt Stella says that due to recent outbreaks of bird flu, its supply of eggs has become unstable. Though the all-you-can-stuff event went off as planned for February, it’s being cancelled as of March.

▼ Customers lined up outside an Aunt Stella’s location for February’s all-you-can-stuff offer

There are still a few rays of hope for those looking to maximize their cookie-buying power. On the 9th, 19th, and 29th of each month, Aunt Stella offers a discount deal of 10 cookies for 540 yen, and this will be continuing. The chain also appears to still be offering it’s daily all-you-can-eat cookie buffet in the eat-in spaces of its Akita Topiko, Nagoya Parco (Aichi Prefecture), and Abeno Gochiso Building (Osaka Prefecture) branches, as well as the Nagaoka CoCoLo (Niigata Prefecture) and Kashiwa Sky Plaza (Chiba Prefecture) branches on weekdays and the Otawara Tobu (Tochigi Prefecture) and Tokiwa Wasada Town (Oita Prefecture) on weekends and holidays. If Aunt Stella really is feeling the pinch in its egg supply, though, odds are the all-you-can-eat service will be the next thing to go, so if you’ve been thinking of trying it, now’s the time.

▼ Aunt Stella cookie cases

There’s a ray of hope in that Aunt Stella’s announcement says that it’s stopping the all-you-can-stuff deal “for a while.” There’s no timeline for bringing it back yet though, and until the chain does, we’ll be feeling like there’s something missing from our life/stomach.

Source: Aunt Stella via IT Media, Aunt Stella (2)
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