One of the few good things about mornings is the coffee. There’s nothing quite like a jolt of caffeine after rolling out of bed! It’s hard to improve on the formula of coffee, but Chat Noir may have found the perfect ingredient: Cat figures!

Now, for a limited time only, the company is offering adorable cat figures to customers who buy three drinks, so be sure to stop by Caffe Veloce or any of the company’s other cafes for your morning cup of joe and earn yourself one of these awesome black kitties!


In celebration of fifty years in business, Chat Noir, parent company of Caffe Veloce, Coffee House Chat Noir, Caffe La Corte, and Cafe Sejour, has decided to make Fuchineko figures available to all repeat coffee-purchasing customers. To get one figure, all you need to do is present the staff with one or more receipts with a cumulative three cups of coffee. The receipts will need to be dated October 1 or later, but that’s the only major stipulation!

▼ Don’t you love getting presents for others’ birthdays?


As you can see, there are five different figures, so it’s a pretty good campaign for Caffee Veloce. It’s sure to draw repeat customers who want to have a Fuchineko figure for every day of the work week!


The figures are given out randomly, so there’s no way of ensuring that you’ll get all five cats if you buy 15 drinks, but we bet it won’t be long before Fuchineko exchanges pop up. We’ll be curious to see which ones become collector’s items and which ones are just common rubbish.

▼ Collector’s item? Collector’s item!






▼ Look at those adorable little paws!




So, why black cat figures? While you might be thinking that it’s a crass attempt to get cat-loving customers into their shops, it turns out there’s a less diabolical reason. All of our French speakers out there already know this, but “Chat Noir” means “Black Cat,” so they’re really just sticking with the theme. And since the company has been around since 1965, we probably can’t accuse them of trying to cash in on the Internet’s love of cats by choosing that name either.


Finally, you’re probably wondering just how long this campaign will last. The answer is…until supplies run out! 500,000 figures have been made and distributed to locations around Japan, so you’ll probably want to hurry. You can find participating shops with this website (Japanese only), which not only lists branch names and location details but also the number of figures left in stock.

Now get out there and collect those figures! And if you’d also like to collect real cats, be sure to head to Neco Republic after you’ve had your coffee and see if any of them take a liking to you.

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