Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World presented with multiple options.

You can probably guess from the title, but the intended appeal of anime Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World is the female companionship the main character acquires throughout the story, and the target audience’s ability to self-insert. So a huggy/body pillow for wolf girl Roxanne, the first female character whose affection the protagonist secures, is a merchandising no-brainer.

But rather than just slip a Roxanne cover over a standard body pillow core and call it a day, publisher Kadokawa’s designers decided to create a Roxanne hizamakura cushion instead.

Hizamakura comes from the Japanese words for “knee” (hiza) and “pillow” (makura), and refers to resting your head in someone’s lap. As for why the fan in the above photo is facing towards Roxanne’s crotch, well, isn’t it obvious? She’s cleaning his ears, and once she’s done with the right one it just makes more sense for him to roll over so she can reach the left, rather than him getting up and repositioning himself with his feet pointing the opposite way.

▼ That’s also why Roxanne is holding an ear pick, and her commitment to the task is further displayed by her demonstration of the shaft’s stiffness.

The core of the Pampering Roxanne Hizamakura Cushion is a zaisu, a traditional type of Japanese chair with a back but no legs which is set flat on the floor. The cover is made with “peach skin polyester,” which the designers boast is smooth and pleasurable to touch.

Like many modern zaisu, the Pampering Roxanne Hizamakura Cushion is reclinable, and it can even go full flat. This would seem to rupture the fantasy of having your ears cleaned, though, so fans will have to use their imagination in creating another mental scenario to enjoy this posture with.

▼ Placing the cushion on a chair, like this, is also recommended, for unspecified reasons.

For those craving an experience both tactile and aural, Kadokawa is also offering a Roxanne ASMR audio data bundle, the first entry in the company’s new Kado-on anime voice ASMR line. The eight-track pack, subtitled A Night Spent with Roxanne, includes sounds of “ear puff puff, ear cleaning in hizamakura pose, oil massage, close-contact hair washing, in bed together, and more,” featuring the talents of Roxanne’s voice actress Shiori Mikami.

A Night Spent with Roxanne is available now through DLsite here, priced at 1,320 yen (US$10.25), while the 11,000-yen Pampering Roxanne Hizamakura Cushion can be preordered here through the Kadokawa Store, with shipping scheduled for June.

Source: Kadokawa Store via Dengeki Hobby via Otakomu
Top image: Kadokawa Store
Insert images: Kadokawa Store, DLSite
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