Get ready for Pompompurin Pudding!

When it comes down to ranking Sanrio characters, Pompompurin, a cute yellow dog who likes to show off its round little butt, often comes out near the top, if not on it. And for good reason; who couldn’t love his adorable face? That’s why fans are delighted to hear that Pompompurin is returning to sweets restaurant Pastel for another tantalizing collaboration.

For the fourth year in a row, Pastel is releasing various sweets featuring Pompompurin’s face and, of course, his butt. There are puddings, a chiffon cake, and even some pastries, all with the theme of “Pompompurin’s Pudding Shop”, where Pompompurin hand-makes every dish served. With each and every sweet packed with his desire to bring everyone joy through sweets–especially through puddings, since Pompompurin’s name includes “purin”, the Japanese word for “pudding”–they might be too cute to eat!

First up in the lineup are the Marugoto Pompompurin (Face) puddings (630 yen [US$4.68] each). As you might expect from the name, these puddings are three-dimensional and designed to look like Pompompurin’s face, even down to his little hat. Plus, the pudding cup is printed to look like he’s wearing a pastry chef uniform! Isn’t that just too insanely cute? The pudding itself is Pastel’s beloved creamy pudding, with caramel sauce, so even if you don’t think you can eat it (because it’s so cute), you probably should, since it sounds delicious.

Something you definitely cannot afford to miss are the puddings shaped like Pompompurin’s butt, called Marugoto Pompompurin (Butt) (630 yen each). It looks like he dived into the cup and got stuck, and the addition of his star-shaped butthole and tiny little legs and tail is just too cute. This pudding is also flavored differently from the Face puddings, since it’s made with a vanilla moose instead of caramel sauce.

In addition to these adorable 3-D puddings is the return of a fan favorite. The Pompompurin Chiffon cake (2,500 yen) is shaped and decorated like a giant flan that’s 15 centimeters (about 6 inches) in diameter. It’s a chiffon cake topped with pudding cream and caramel sauce, so every bite feels like you’re eating pudding. Topped with a 3-D Pompompurin and with a color scheme to match, this is the perfect cake for a Pompompurin fan’s birthday.

Pastel will also be selling mini flan puddings decorated with cocoa powder to make Pompompurin’s face (460 yen each), mini cherry blossom puddings dusted with strawberry powder to make his friend Macaron’s face (460 yen each), Pudding A La Mode (which is not ice cream but a sponge cake topped with whipped cream and pudding) with special cup sleeves (700 yen each), and individually packaged pastries that come in a box decorated with Pompompurin (1,980 yen).

If you can’t choose which one to try, you don’t even have to; they’re also offering a special take-home box, called the Pompompurin Box, for 2,500 yen. It contains all four pudding designs plus one Pudding A La Mode, though you’ll have to buy the pastries and chiffon cake separately.

Even better, no matter what Pompompurin sweet you purchase, each one comes with a paper shopping bag with one of two original Pompompurin designs on it (while supplies last), so you can carry your sweets home with pride.

Each of these products is available at Pastel cafes and restaurants in the Kanto area, though you may want to call your closest one in advance to make sure they have what you want to try. They’re available now, but only through April 30, so if you’re a Pompompurin fan, don’t wait to try these delicious-looking puddings!

And if you happen to be in Tokyo or Sapporo, you may also want to book a room at the Mitsui Garden Hotel’s adorable Pompompurin rooms for a full Pompompurin Experience–especially if you’re celebrating a fan’s birthday.

Source, images: PR Times
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