Take your taste buds on a trip to New York for a limited time.

KFC walks to the beat of its own drum in Japan, where you can find moon-viewing burgers and the colonel dressed in samurai garb. However, the chain never forgets its American roots, and now it’s proudly flying the flag for New York with a duo of N.Y. Chicken Burgers.

The Spicy Buffalo Burger pays homage to Buffalo Chicken, a classic American dish with a signature tangy sauce. This sauce plays a starring role in the new burger, with a “full-fledged spiciness and tartness” that will satisfy spice lovers.

While the burger is said to reproduce the authentic American flavours of the dish, it’s also been adjusted slightly to suit local tastes. KFC says the burger was trialled and tested repeatedly with multiple testers until they hit upon a perfect balance between authenticity and easy eating.

▼ The chain also says this is a good way to enjoy the taste of buffalo chicken without getting your hands dirty.

The New York adventure continues with the Rich Onion BBQ Chicken Burger, which contains two fried onion rings and a rich, smoky sweet BBQ sauce. This one has also been trialled and tested for the ultimate balance of flavours, and attention was paid to the volume of the onion rings so they sit well within the burger and “don’t put the brakes on your impulse to bite into it.”

▼ KFC says the flavours of this burger will meld together so nicely that every mouthful will make you feel like you’re in New York.


If you’re unable to visit New York during the upcoming summer holidays, these new KFC burgers might be the next best thing. Both burgers are priced at 500 yen (US$3.55) and will be available in limited quantities at KFC branches around Japan from 21 June.

Source, images: PR Times
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