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The last time we saw the Double Down, KFC’s burger that swaps buns for fried chicken patties, was in the form of KFC Japan’s Kentucky Chicken Rice, which eliminated the burger patty in favor of a disc of rice. Now Korea is taking a stab at the popular chain’s meat monstrosity with the Zinger Double Down King. Get ready for some photos of this burger of fried chicken, bacon, and beef!

The Zinger Double Down King went on sale on October 18 for 6,900 won (US$6.52). The advertisements make it look like a perfectly stacked tower of grease and meat:

Korean Double Down

However, Twitter photos have revealed that it’s not exactly the picturesque meal it’s made out to be.

▼The wrapping looks exciting enough with a big round sticker slapped on the front.

But unwrapping the Zinger Double Down King reveals a bit of a mess:

▼Someone’s having a meat party! By the way, that’s 2,996 calories worth of Double Down.

On second thought, meat and meat sandwiched between more fried meat looks pretty delicious to us, but then again, we’re no stranger to comically huge burgers.

Source: IT Media
Photos: KFC Korea