Kind of like a British scone, but with a chunk of crunchy fried chicken.

Back in May, Royal Holdings, which operates big-name restaurants like Shakey’s and Saizeriya in Japan, opened a new store called Lucky Rocky Chicken, in Musashi Koyama, Tokyo.

The fast food outlet specialises in buttermilk fried chicken, and is located at the eastern end of Musashi Koyama’s Palm Shopping Street, which is known for being the longest covered arcade in the capital.

▼ Conveniently located a five-minute walk from Musashi Koyama Station on the Tokyu Meguro Line.

Since opening, the store has become incredibly popular, causing a buzz online and even receiving mentions on TV variety programs for its special fried chicken, which is made by soaking fillets in a mixture of yoghurt and buttermilk overnight, to create a moist and tender texture.

Now, the buttermilk fried chicken specialists are set to cause even more of a buzz, thanks to a brand new addition to the menu that pairs fried chicken with cream and strawberries.

Called the Strawberry & Cream Burger, this new offering is like no other fried chicken burger we’ve ever seen. Inspecting it up close, it’s clear that the only ingredients here are a bun, a piece of fried chicken, a sweet strawberry sauce, and buttermilk sauce.

▼ With no vegetables or other fillings to get in the way, this four-ingredient burger is simple yet incredibly unusual.

When we stopped by to try the new burger, the first thing we did was lift the bun to take a look inside, and the red-and-white combination of sauces really did look like strawberries and cream, reminding us of a British scone.

▼ If a British scone contained fried chicken.

The buns were light and glossy, creating a delightful chewiness and brilliant contrast to the giant crunch of the chicken as we bit into the burger.

Oddly, the strawberry sauce was actually strawberry jam, which is something we’d never have thought to pair with fried chicken. The buttermilk sauce, on the other hand, tasted just like cream, and as we chewed, the sweet flavours gave way to an amazing spiciness from the fried chicken, creating an addictive combination.

It was salty, sweet, and creamy, but despite the unusual flavours, what really stood out was the moist deliciousness of the chicken.

The overnight soak in buttermilk and yoghurt really worked a treat to help create one of the best fried chicken burgers we’ve ever tasted.

The Strawberry & Cream Burger costs 480 yen (US$4.15) on its own or 780 yen for a set that includes fries and a drink. It’s a delectable take on fried chicken that’s definitely worth trying, and hopefully soon there’ll be more branches of this chain around Japan so everyone can experience the joys of buttermilk fried chicken!

Store information
Lucky Rocky Chicken / ラッキーロッキーチキン
Address:Tokyo-to, Shinagawa-ku, Ebara 3-6-6
Hours: 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.(last order 7:45 p.m.)

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