You and your bushido buddies heading into the wild this fall? Then don’t forget your camping kimono.

It’s easy to forget while Japan is broiling in record-setting heat, but in just a few months, it’ll start to get chilly across the country. Japan’s starkly distinct seasons mean that you’ll want to bundle up if you’re spending an extended time outdoors in autumn or winter, and if you’d like to deal with Japanese weather patterns in a Japanese way, the outdoor kimono is here to help.

A joint project between Kimono Yamato, a kimono maker founded over 100 years ago, and Snow Peak, a camping supply manufacturer, these cold-weather garments take the styling cues of traditional kimono and mix them with modern convenience and functionality. Instead of an obi sash, they close with buttons and a clip belt, to make sure you stay wrapped up against the cold.

The kimono are made with Octa, a material developed by Japan’s Teijin Fibers, which dries rapidly and offers both excellent breathability and heat retention. The garments are also water-resistant and lightweight, nice qualities to have when you’re going to be out in the elements and carrying your belongings on your back as you make your way to your campsite or other hiking destination.

The autumn/winter kimono are an update to the spring/summer outdoor kimono collection that Snow Peak released in April. In keeping with their intended time of use, the warmer kimono are available in the subdued colors of black, gray, and chestnut brown.

In addition to wearing the outdoor kimono as a stand-alone garment, it can also be worn over Western attire, either closed or open, like a traditional haori jacket.

The autumn/winter outdoor kimono officially go on sale September 1, but preorders are already being taken through Snow Peak’s online store, where they’re priced at 55,000 yen (US$495).

Source: Snow Peak via Japaaan
Top image: Snow Peak
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