All furniture and amenities will be items from the beloved brand’s catalog.

Mujirushi Ryohin, also known as simply Mujirushi or Muji, is a Japanese company that sells…well, just about everything. With a full range of affordable yet high-quality interior goods, including furniture, linens, drapes, and appliances, you could furnish just about your entire home with items from the Mujirushi product lineup, as many students and young professionals who have set up a residence of their own in Japan can attest.

Of course, the furnishings required for a home aren’t that different from the ones required for a hotel. Because of that, Mujirushi, which has branches in over two dozen countries, will be expanding into the hospitality business by opening its first hotel, located in Tokyo’s fashionable Ginza district.

The hotel will be part of the 10-story Marronnier Gate Ginza complex, set to go up on the site previously occupied by the recently closed Printemps Ginza department store. The Muji Hotel, as it’s currently (and likely to be permanently) called will be found on the sixth to tenth floors of the multi-purpose building, which will also have shops and restaurants. The hotel’s furnishings will be exclusively Mujirushi products, as will guest amenities such as soap and shampoo.

▼ There will also be a new Muji flagship store on the building’s lower floors.

Unlike the one-off, live-for-free Mujirushi house in Kanagawa Prefecture, the Muji Hotel is a standard business, and as such you’ll have to pay to stay. However, despite its swanky location, the hotel isn’t likely to be all that expensive, given Mujirushi’s reputation for reasonable prices. Exact rates won’t be announced until we get closer to the hotel’s expected opening in spring of 2019, and until then we’ll also be keeping our fingers crossed that instead of ordinary chocolates on your pillow, the staff will be leaving green tea-covered strawberries instead.

Source, images: Mitsubishi Fudosan
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