One thing might prevent this from being one of the greatest sandwiches ever made, though.

There are a lot of tasty things to eat in Japan, but when you want something filling, comforting, and delicious, it’s hard to beat digging in to a plate of curry rice topped with katsu (pork cutlet). Soon, though, Mos Burger is going to be offering that wonderful eating experience without the plate.

Joining the menu at the fast food chain later this month is the Yoru Mos Rice Burger Katsu Curry. Part of Mos’s rice burger series, which subs in two lightly toasted discs of white rice for the bun, the sandwich is a katsu curry meal that you can hold in your hand and eat without any utensils.

Instead of a hamburger patty, the core of the sandwich is a pork cutlet slathered with a curry sauce. Some home chefs in Japan insist that the best curry comes from mixing various versions together, so Mos’ sauce is made from a blend of four kinds of curry powder and three types of curry roux. They also add dashes of soy and demi-glace sauces for a flavorful result meant to excite the taste buds without punishing them with fiery heat.

Accompanying the cutlet are shredded cabbage on top of the katsu and lettuce underneath.

Katsu curry in sandwich form sounds like a can’t-miss concept, but there’s one unusual twist to be aware of. According to Mos’ announcement, the curry sauce is “served cold.” It’s not clear if that means that it’s chilled or simply serve at room temperature, but either way it seems as though it’ll at least be “cold” compared to curry ladled piping hot right out of the cooking pot.

The Yoru Mos Rice Burger Katsu Curry is part of Mos Burger’s Yoru Mos (“Night Mos”) lineup that’s offered from 3 p.m. It’s priced at 590 yen (US$4.25) and goes on sale March 24.

Source: PR Times via Entabe
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