fried food

Elderly Hyogo man touches convenience store clerk’s breast, buys all the fried chicken, runs away

Sometimes even all the nuggets and hot dogs in the world can’t absolve an evil deed.

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Deep-fried sushi exists in Japan, and here’s where to try it【Taste test】

Is this a country-fair style affront to Japanese cuisine, or a delicious idea we should have thought of sooner? Our reporter Meg finds out.

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Japan’s clam chowder tempura is jiggly and crazy, but how does it taste? We find out

We imagined that this would be either amazingly good or excruciatingly bad, and we were right.

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If you are hungry and you know it, get to Kitchen DIVE in Tokyo

There is no way you’ll leave this place without feeling like you got your yen’s worth.

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Bacon-fried Oreos make a greasily delicious appearance in Japanese kitchens

Where Japan has taken Kit Kats (originally an English treat) to a whole ‘nother level with seasonal flavors, regional flavors, even “adult sweetness” varieties, America has taken a similar road with another chocolate goody: Oreo cookies.

Intrigued by America’s fascination with Oreos, one Japanese cook took her chances at making a fantastically American concoction: Bacon Fried Oreos. But how does the Japanese palate react? Find out after the jump.

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Japan sees America’s Double Down, raises it a crazy deep-fried “sandwich” of its own

As an American living in Japan, I often get comments to the effect of, “People in your home country love fried foods, don’t they?” And really, I can’t argue otherwise. After all, the United States is the birthplace of such culinary contributions as the Double Down, the KFC menu item that replaced the bread in a fried chicken sandwich with two more pieces of fried chicken.

Of course, Japan loves fried foods too, even if it doesn’t eat them with the same frequency, or in the same volume, as America does. As proof, people in Osaka are proving that they can put air quotes around their breadless “sandwiches” too, in the form of the croquette sandwich, which comes wrapped in a fried outer layer.

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