Tenga wants you to have some sweet pleasure, in more ways than one, even if you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone.

Every year sweets providers across Japan roll out something special for Valentine’s Day, a day that’s become arguably as much about delicious chocolate as it is passionate love. And it’s not just chocolatiers like Godiva and cafes like Starbucks who want you to have a sweet time on February 14, but also Tenga, Japan’s largest maker of masturbatory aids.

Tenga has begun taking orders through its online store for this year’s batch of Tenga Chocolate, chocolates not only shaped like the company’s distinctive-form factor masturbatory aids, but which come in containers that look like the company’s signature product too. In keeping with the company’s commitment to spurting out new ideas, they’ve shuffled the flavor lineup for the 2024 Tenga Chocolate, with the first being, somewhat suggestively, banana.

There’s also strawberry, with little flavorfully tart fruit granules…

…and cocoa, which, like the banana chocolate, includes puffed malt for a more stimulating texture.

Eight chocolates come in each 500-yen (US$3.45) canister, and with them looking like Tengas, you might be wondering if buyers can use the containers in the same way. That’s technically possible, in the sense that the chocolate containers are solid plastic and can hold liquid, but they’re not really designed for that purpose, since they lack the inner design points that differentiate Tengas from any empty bottle-shaped receptacle. Instead, Tenga recommends a “gift set” that bundles one pack of each flavor of chocolate with a Tenga for 2,000 yen, a 430-yen saving compared to buying the items separately.

▼ There’s also a 2,000-yen gift set with the chocolate and a pair of Tenga-branded socks, though one can’t help but wonder if buyers will put them on their feet or perhaps another body part.

This being Japan, the gift sets include classy wrapping.

▼ The wrapping tells the person you’re giving the gift set to “I care about you,” while the contents say “But I’m pretty sure you’re not getting laid tonight.”

And finally, for those who fully accept that self-restraint isn’t their strong suit, there are Tenga Chocolate towers on offer in three different sizes: small (30 containers for 16,200 yen), medium (100 containers, 50,000 yen), and large (300 containers, 150,000 yen).

▼ The large tower is a staggering 140 centimeters (55.1 inches) tall.

The whole lineup is available now through Tenga’s official website here.

Source: Tenga via Otakuma via Yahoo! Japan News
Top image: Tenga
Insert images: Tenga
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