TikTok video shows us how to be a good guest.

While a lot of emphasis is placed on being a good host in Japan, it’s equally important to be a good guest.

Sometimes that means going beyond regular rules of etiquette to show consideration for the other party, but with Japanese styles of communication being indirect and non-confrontational, you may never truly know if you’ve done something to offend your host.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why a hotel in Osaka called Hotel B Suites has attracted attention in Japan recently. The hotel shared a video on their official TikTok account, showing five things you can do to make hotel staff happy, and they don’t beat around the bush with their desires, clearly stating the points that staff appreciate when you vacate your room after your stay.

▼ The video shows five points, despite stating there are three points in the onscreen text.


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As the video shows, the five points the hotel would like guests to consider are:

  1. Return used equipment to its original position. 
  2. Place all the used towels together in the bathroom
  3. Leave all the garbage together in one place
  4. Empty any leftover drinks
  5. Check you haven’t left anything behind

These are all good points, and especially useful for guests who may have wondered what the best procedure for things like towels may be. However, some travellers might be tempted to dismiss these requests, given that they’re essentially paying for the service, but when you think about it, these small acts help everyone in the long run.

The less time that housekeeping staff have to spend running around the room, collecting and rearranging things in addition to regular tasks such as cleaning and changing sheets, the better. Not only will they be happier and less stressed, it’ll keep the team running like clockwork, ensuring that rooms are cleaned to a high standard to keep guests happy during their stay. It’ll also help to maintain costs that’ll keep room rates down too, with guests ultimately reaping the most benefits in the long run.

So next time you stay in a hotel, regardless of where it is, it pays to keep the above points in mind. Happy staff make for a happy establishment with happy guests, and that also applies when you’re visiting a ryokan inn, where you’ll want to take note of the proper way to leave your futon bedding.

Featured image: Pakutaso
Source: TikTok/b_suites.official via Net Lab

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