The moon rises on another Japan-exclusive collection, and it looks to be the best one yet.

Limited-edition seasonal releases are one of the many reasons to love Japanese chains, and now that we’re heading into autumn, it’s time for this year’s moon-viewing menu items to rise from the horizon.

You see, in Japan, September is the month for moon-viewing, or “tsukimi” as it’s known in Japanese, when the harvest has been completed and clear skies and mild nights make for prime moon-viewing conditions.

As luck would have it, tsukimi is also the word used when a fried egg is added to a dish — given that its colour and shape resembles a full moon — making it the perfect ingredient for the season. One chain that’s been adding fried eggs to its burgers every autumn is KFC, and this year, they’re bringing back their star players, along with two new items to make this year’s festivities tastier than ever.

First up, let’s take a look at the Torori Tsukimi burgers, starting with the classic Torori Tsukimi Cheese Filet Burger (490 yen [US$3.38]), a mainstay that tends to return every year due to popularity.

Torori translates to “melty”, and it’s an apt word for the burger, as the egg yolk and sauce are designed to melt on the tongue with the flavourful cheddar cheese, creating a taste explosion.

The other burger in the range is the Torori Tsukimi Cheese Japanese-style Cutlet Burger (490 yen).

Fried cutlet, or “katsu”, is a very popular dish in Japan, where it’s usually served with shredded cabbage to help cut through the oiliness. That combination is served up in this burger, with the chicken cutlet soaked in teriyaki sauce, alongside the melty egg, for a a very Japanese-style flavour.

This year, the burgers will be joined by two new friends, with one making its grand return to the menu for the first time in nine years.

▼ Hello, Egg Tart, our old friend.

In keeping with the egg theme, KFC will be bringing back its Egg Tart for a limited time. Priced at 290 yen, this elusive product is beloved by those who know of it, particularly in Asia, where it’s commonly enjoyed in countries like Singapore.

▼ As an exciting twist to this year’s proceedings, KFC will be giving us a Tsukimi Twister (460 yen) to round out the moon-viewing collection.

With parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, bacon, a delicious sauce, and a soft-boiled egg, this Twister is said to be so good that you’ll want to stuff your cheeks with it. It certainly sounds fantastic, and we can’t wait to try it, along with all the other moon-viewing items on the menu, when they’re released at KFC branches around Japan in limited numbers from 30 August.

Source, images: PR Times 
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