A triumph of the human spirit!

I trust all of you had a splendid Tartar Sauce Day with your friends and family this year. For the very few of you out there who might not be familiar with it, Tartar Sauce Day is celebrated every year on 14 November.

You might be asking why it’s on this day and if so, I’m very glad you did. Unlike other obscure Japanese holidays that are based on historic events or puns, Tartar Sauce Day is truly unique in its origin story.

First, we have to realize that 21 November is Fried Oyster Day in Japan because November is oyster season and the numbers 2 and 1 can be read as “fu” and “rai” which sound like “fry” when put together. Tartar Sauce Day is exactly one week before Fried Oyster Day so that when viewed on a calendar the former sits on top of the latter, much like actual tartar sauce does on a fried oyster.

Although in Japan the name Kewpie is often synonymous with mayonnaise, they dabble in a variety of condiments and have been selling mayo’s evolved cousin tartar sauce since 1966. And with such a rich history in this rich and lump sauce, they wanted to do something really special for Tartar Sauce Day this year.

A total of 139 people from 37 businesses across Japan connected online to set a brand new Guinness World Record for Most People to Simultaneously Put Kewpie Tartar Sauce on Fried Oysters Online. Unfortunately, that record was too specific even for Guinness and was officially broadened to “Most People Squeezing a Condiment Bottle Online Simultaneously.”

▼ Yes, the original was too specific for the organization that gave a record for Most Bubbles Blown in 30 Seconds with a Live Tarantula in the Mouth

The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife as all the participants lifted their tubes of tartar sauce and aimed it at their fried oysters in front of a webcam. After saying a short prayer that their tubes wouldn’t malfunction, they squeezed…

Sure enough, all 139 globs of tartar sauce made it onto the oily seafood safely and a Guinness official was on hand to review and verify the record.

▼ The record-breakers both in person and projected on the screen from remote locations

Congratulations to Kewpie for truly making this a Tartar Sauce Day to remember, and don’t forget to check out their own range of tartar sauce which uses a patented aged egg for a richer umami taste.

Sure, it’s too late to have some for Tartar Sauce Day this year, but with Fried Oyster Day right around the corner, it’s sure to be a winning combination. It might even make the holiday more famous than KFC Day or Eevee Day, which are also both on 21 November in Japan.

Source: PR Times via Narinari.com
Images: PR Times
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