Fans of cosplay star Enako will now be able to get their hands on her, or at least her new dakimakura cuddle pillow.

While Enako, who claims to be making up up to a million yen (US$8,854) a month, isn’t offering the chance to actually date her like Mika Kano, she’s offering the next best thing. At the recent Comic Market (better known as Comiket) fans were able to buy a large cushion bearing her delectable image to take home.

▼ First, Enako in non-cushion form.

The cushion, which looked like the one below but without the unhelpful “sample” text plastered over it, was sold through the Animate Group Booth for 12,000 yen (US$106) before tax, on a first-come, first-served basis. The pillow measured a full 160 centimetres (5 feet, 3 inches) making it actually taller than the diminutive star herself, who measures a mere 153 centimetres in height.

Enako, who caused chaos at this summer’s World Cosplay Summit, was also be present at the booth on one day for photographs, autographs, and to look buyers in the eye as they carried away the fluffy piece of idolatry, though perhaps some claimed they were making the purchase because of all sorts of chaste reasons to buy a giant person-sized cushion.

▼ Second, third and fourth pictures of the real thing, just to make really, really sure you know who we’re talking about.

You can also be buy the scantily-clad pillow online through the Movic online store, though only those who bought theirs at the Animate Group booth were entered into a drawing to be invited to a radio event and photo opportunity with Enako herself, to be held in February.

Oh, and unless you also happen to have a Gentleman’s Bag to put your new dakimakura cover in, expect to get just as many looks on the train as if you were going home with the real girl.

Reference: Comiket Official Site
Source: Otakomu
Featured image: Instagram/enakorin
Insert image: A&G