Unique hair accessories are part of 30th anniversary art exhibit for the hit anime/manga mystery series.

On January 5, 1994, the first chapter of Detective Conan, sometimes also known as Case Closed, appeared in manga anthology Weekly Shonen Jump. In the three decades since, pint-sized sleuth Shinichi Kudo has taken fans along for the ride as he solves caper after caper across decades’ worth of manga volumes, anime TV episodes, and theatrical features.

However, for all the truths that have been uncovered in that time, two mysteries still remain. One: Why is it that Shinichi’s cowlick can never be flattened out? And two: Just what is going on with his friend Ran Mori’s hairstyle in general?

Unfortunately, we’re yet to get definitive answers to either of those questions, but we are at least getting ways to recreate those hairdos in our world thanks to a pair of bizarre yet fan-appealing hairbands.

The Shinichi/Conan hairband recreates his long bangs and the stiffly standing tuft of hair at the back of his head. Meanwhile, the Ran version does whatever it can to render what appears, in the manga and anime art, to be the cone-like protrusion she wears her hair in, although there’s still debate among fans about how to translate that 2-D expression into a three-dimensional space.

Both hairbands are being offered for sale at the upcoming Detective Conan Commemorative 30th Anniversary Exhibition, which opens at Tokyo’s Sunshine City entertainment complex in the Ikebukuro neighborhood next month, with stints at other venues in Japan coming later in the year.

The exhibit takes a look back on the series’ three-decades of mysteries and character interactions, grouping displays by theme.

▼ Yet another mystery: Why the organizers decided to write HANNIN, the Japanese word for “criminal,” in the Latin alphabet instead of translating it.

▼ The Conan’s Hannin section

To mark the occasion, there’s also a new illustration of the cast in formalwear, and the gift shop will also be offering pins and acrylic character stands.

The Detective Conan Commemorative 30th Anniversary Exhibition runs from January 12 to February 25 at Sunshine City, then heads to the following locations.
● Fukuoka: JR Kyushu Hall (March 16 – April 7)
● Sapporo: Sapporo Factory (April 13 – May 12)
● Sendai: TFU Gallary Minimori (May 18 – June 16)
● Osaka: Daimaru Museum Umeda (mid-July – mid-August)
● Hiroshima: NTT Great Hall (August 17 – September 8)
● Yokohama: Yokohama Akarenga Building 1 (September 14 – October 6)
● Nagoya (site to be determined) (November 16 – December 15)

Tickets go on sale December 8, with adult admission at 1,800 yen (US$12.35).

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Source, images: PR Times
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