Some deals are too good to be true, we suppose.

One thing Japan gets right? Cookies, especially when there’s an all-you-can-eat deal involved. Aunt Stella Cookies are popular in Japan due to their crisp texture and variety of flavors, and some of their branches even offer all-you-can-eat cookie buffets, as we’ve proven before. But there’s a monthly deal across all branches that may just beat that: an all-you-can-stuff bag that happens on the 19th of every month.

▼ There are all sorts of flavors, like chocolate chip, matcha, and even seasonal flavors like watermelon.

You get to keep whatever you can fit into a specified bag, with its contents sometimes adding up to over 3,500 yen worth of cookies.

People looking forward to December 19th’s event will be disappointed, though, as the deal won’t be offered this month. The reason? According to the brand’s X account, they foresee not having enough cookies to satisfy customers’ cookie needs.

▼ Aunt Stella herself is apologizing for the inconvenience in the Tweet below.

Aunt Stella hasn’t had the easiest of years; a widespread case of avian flu caused a nationwide egg shortage, which caused the cookie shop to halt their deal from March to June 2023.

While a specific reason hasn’t been given for this month’s shortage, we could only guess that it may be ingredient-related–or since it’s so close to Christmas, perhaps some are being reserved for Santa? In any case, the bright side of the story is that they’re aiming to restart the all-you-can-stuff bag deal in January 2024, with each bag costing 1,900 yen. Let’s hope they can make it happen!

Sources: Net Lab, X/@auntstellajp
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