Special delivery from a Japanese-style pub in Tokyo!

These days, with local governments asking restaurants and izakaya taverns to close early during the recent state of emergencies, more and more people are taking part in “Ouchi Izakaya” (“At-home Izakaya”).

With the weather getting colder, no at-home izakaya will be complete without some type of sake-warming equipment, and here to fill that need is izakaya restaurant Yoronotaki, who’s created a special set for lovers of “kanzake” (“warmed sake”).

▼ The Ouchi de Kanzake Set (Warmed Sake At Home Set) contains a total of seven items.

The set includes:

Original Shino ware sake bottle and cups

Shino ware hails from Mino Province, in present-day Gifu Prefecture, and these pottery items have been made exclusively for Yoronotaki, so you can truly recreate the atmosphere of a night out at their izakaya.

A bottle of Yamada Nishiki Tokubetsu Junmai from Hakutsuru Brewing Company

Kobe-based Hakutsuru was founded in 1743, during the Edo period (1603-1868), and this special sake is a testament to their centuries of expertise, as it displays an incredibly refined flavour and smooth finish. Tokubetsu Junmai (“Special Pure”) is the term used for high-quality sake made with rice polished to less than 60 percent of its original weight, and this variety uses 100-percent Yamada Nishiki rice from Hyogo Prefecture, which is renowned for being the highest quality for sake production.

▼ Chicken and ginger pickled in salty miso

All izakaya serve up otoshi starters or otsumami nibbles that pair well with drinks like sake, and this is Yoronotaki’s special selection for the set. Meat, salt and ginger are perfect partners for Hakutsuru’s Yamada Nishiki.

Twinbird Sake Warming Device

This good-looking gadget is the star of the collection, as it allows you to heat your sake to perfection at the push of a button. The container on top, which has a very traditional feel to it, can hold up to 300 millilitres (10 ounces) of sake, and there are four settings to choose from on the heating device below, ranging from hitohadakan (human body temperature, 37 degrees Celsius [98.6 degrees Fahrenheit]), joukan (45 degrees), atsukan (50 degrees) and tobikirikan (55 degrees).

The Ouchi de Kanzake Set can be purchased online for 9,980 yen (US$90.88). It’s a great way to up your at-home izakaya game, and when paired with this one-person multi-use grill, which allows you to make a  huge range of izakaya dishes, you’ll never need to worry about izakaya rules and etiquette ever again!

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Source, images: PR Times
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