Great deals on butt floss to be had this holiday season.

Earlier this month, Mr. Sato took a chance on a lucky bag of factory outlet underwear he bought online and made out rather well in the end. It was a really exciting purchase that made him the envy of the office. So much so that his fellow writer Go Hatori was inspired to try his hand at a random underwear lucky bag of his own.

He hopped on Amazon Japan in search of an underwear-themed lucky bag and came across a vendor by the name of G-Station. They offered bags with his choice of one, three, or five pairs of randomly selected boxers, briefs, thongs, or jock straps, so he decided to go for a modest three-pack for 990 yen (US$7).

It’s a heck of a price, but there is a catch in that these are also outlet goods and have either small tears, loose threads, or marks on them. That was hardly a deal-breaker for Go, though, since he didn’t expect anyone to see his underwear anyway, but he must have forgotten what he did for a living.

Sometime after placing his order, a package arrived. Even though it was just three pairs of underwear, it was still much smaller than he expected but what they lacked in size they more than made up for in pizzazz.

Taking out the three pairs and laying them on the table, Go still wasn’t quite sure what to make of them.

He decided to go through them one by one, starting with the one that got its own resealable bag.

The label said they were pink bikini briefs, but upon opening them, pink seemed to be in the minority of the color scheme. Maybe that was why they were outlet?

He tried them on, but with some under-underwear to keep things tasteful.

Go thought they were pretty good; the vibrant colors kept things thrilling but they still covered enough real estate to stay on the conservative side of things.

The same, however, could not be said for the next pair of underwear, and we use the term “pair” very loosely here. At first, Go understandably thought it was some kind of handmade face mask.

But there was no mistake that these straps were meant to go around an entirely different set of cheeks.

Putting them on, Go was a little surprised at how well they covered his frontal crotch area.

Still, the backside was so wide open that he doubted he had the confidence to wear these ever again.

The final pair was what really piqued our writer’s interest. They resembled the kind of shorts that K-1 fighters wore with slits along the legs to facilitate kicking.

But when Go lifted up the front, he realized these were no martial arts shorts at all.

Rather, these flaps were intended to cover up a similar marble bag to the one he had just tried on.

It was an improvement though, since he could still feel the thrill of a g-string while keeping his modesty intact.

Go imagined bringing a special someone home and making a dramatic reveal with these beauties.

Business up front

Party in the back

It was Go’s first time ever wearing underwear quite like this so he still wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Still, it was certainly surprising and these were some items he never would have bought for himself had they not been randomly selected and the defects G-Station mentioned were hardly even noticeable. The excitement of all this alone made it well worth the price for anyone interested in taking a little walk on the wild side.

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