We decide if the popular American jeans brand delivers this year. 

Every year the lucky bag game is a gamble. Some contain useful items we actually appreciate that tally up to a value better than the bag, and some are a grand swing and a miss, filled with junk items we’ll never use. Even within the same company, the results can vary greatly from year to year–and from bag to bag–so we never know what we’re going to get.

Fashion can be some of the trickiest, since style is subjective, and you never know what’s going to actually fit. We took a gamble on fashion brand Levi’s, whose lucky bag sold for 11,000 yen (US$82.58) and contained more than 33,000 yen of products: three bottoms and one accessory.

Our Japanese language reporter Masanuki Sunakoma, who frequently orders the Levi’s lucky bag, ordered his online on December 22 for delivery on January 1. Inside the box was a familiar red tote bag

…and inside the bag were three pairs of jeans and one accessory. There was the 511 Slim (worth 9,350 yen)…

…the 505 Regular (also worth 9,350 yen)…

…and the 501 Taper (worth 15,400 yen).

Masanuki was already plenty satisfied with this haul, but he still had one more item to go. Next, he pulled out the accessory…

It was a maroon cap!

That was not something Masanuki really wanted, but he couldn’t complain too much. Even without factoring in the hat, the jeans alone were well worth it. In fact, the value of the 501 jeans was more than what he paid for the entire bag. This is probably the most satisfying Levi’s lucky bag he’d ever bought.

Of course, being the fashion king that he is, Masanuki had to try them on immediately. The 501 Tapered are apparently similar to the 501 original, but with a tighter hem, giving them a tight fit and a slimmer silhouette. They’re supposed to be not too casual, with a very mature feel.

▼ “That checks out!”

The 505 Regular are one of Levi’s most popular straight-fit jeans, with a looser, more relaxed style. They boast of being comfortable and pleasant to wear.

▼ “I see that!”

The last pair, the 511 Slim, is apparently supposed to hug your legs, from your bottom to the hem, to create a long, clean silhouette. The jean material also has a stretch to it, so not only do you get clean lines but a comfortable fit.

▼ “Truth!”

So as you can see, each of the jeans has a completely different look and feel, despite coming from the same company, so you can make use of each one differently in different situations.

▼ When you look at them before a backdrop of Swiss mountains, you can tell how unique each pair is. Thank goodness Masanuki has not left us for a career in modeling.

So if you’re looking for a lucky bag that will definitely not disappoint, you’ll want to check out Levi’s next year. They were still available on the third, so they’re not too hard to get either. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our lucky bag coverage here!

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