From ads to anime and Japan’s rare shiro post box, these outrageous cosplayers made us grin from ear to ear. 

Winter Comiket was held at Tokyo Big Sight on 30 and 31 December, attracting 270,000 attendees over both days. While many came to peruse the stalls run by creators of doujinshi self-published works, many, like our own reporter Egawa Tasuku, came to see the cosplayers.

▼ Tokyo Big Sight

While a large majority of the cosplayers had obviously invested hours of time into making their costumes look as professional as possible, others seemed to take a more casual, laid-back approach, with slap-dash low-budget efforts and more humorous cosplays.

They might not have been as polished as the more serious cosplayers but they certainly tickled our funny bone and made us grin from ear to ear. So let’s take a look at some of the funniest and most outrageous cosplays from Day Two of Winter Comiket below!

Yotsuya Gakuin Cram School Advertisement, created by a Kyoto University Student in the middle, along with friends @t10aa012 (right) and @komukazunoko (left)

Lemon Sour (@shockarbant) on the left, and comedian @Mugen3solider as himself, on the right

Christmas Cake 2023 (@SirCry_s56)

▼ Silhouette of Alien Baltan from the opening of Ultraman (@Jorden_m1ro)

Pokémon’s Pewter Gym 

Here at the gym we have @2244_Nagata with a placard that reads: “Hey! Future champion!”.

And freezing his nips off next to him is @taro_traveller as gym leader Brock.

▼ In the midst of it all is Geodude, made by @nikkou_cos.

Winning our award for cutest couple of the day is @Shinya1499 and @XIhsQZa7ix1vkPt, dressed as Mei and Totoro from Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbour Totoro.

▼ Mei’s corn here is as giant as her arms!

▼ This cosplay of Yusuke Urameshi’s Spirit Gun from YuYu Hakusho also caught our eye.

This isn’t the only attack that @tky888tky has cosplayed as, with this panel showing their past attacks, stretching all the way back to 2016.

Armored Core VI was well represented with this group, consisting of AC Milk Tooth (@tanyari2)…

AC Open Faith (@revolution443)

V.II Snail (@choc0junky1029) and Aki Boy (@mamomusu)

▼ 621 (@sarx78), 621’s AC (tanyari2) and Ice Worm (@autobahn256

▼ Beitaro (@Tiri_Norsk)

▼ Beitaro (@Alex_Cos_2016)

▼ This group actually put quite a lot of time and effort into their costumes.

Outside, we had Yusuke Nogi (@welldoneh) from Vivant and Truckeee, the mascot character of professional baseball team, Hanshin Tigers (@41take_ZOY).

To round things off, figuratively and literally, we have Pineapple Candy (@Fradbeere), a classic Japanese sweet.

And finally, we have @kojizakakojichu cosplaying as Shiro Post (“White Postbox“). In Japan white “postboxes” like this one are a way for people to dispose of offensive materials like pornographic magazines and DVDs.

The white boxes can be identified by the message that appears this costume, which reads: “Place books that you don’t want children to see in this postbox”.

So there you have it — some of the funniest and most outrageous cosplays from Winter Comiket! If you’d like to see more cosplayers from the day, head on over here, where you’ll get a feel for the hottest anime, manga and video game characters of the season!

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