Otaku event in Tokyo becomes the main stage for this season’s hottest anime, manga and video game characters. 

As last year came to a close, some of the nation’s best cosplayers came out to play at Winter Comiket, or “C103” as this 103rd iteration of the doujinshi fair was known in the community.

Held on 30 and 31 December, the first day of the convention was blessed with sunny skies as 140,000 people — 10,000 more than 2023’s Summer Comiket — visited the venue at Tokyo Big Sight.

The number of registered cosplayers was also impressive, with 2,076 men and 3,976 women taking part. In addition, 114 companies exhibited, and 13,700 spaces were taken up by doujinshi sellers, making it one of the largest Comikets since the start of the pandemic.

▼ DMM Games’ Taimanin was amongst the company booths

▼ As was Yostar’s Mahjong Soul and Type-Moon

As for the franchise making the biggest mark at the event, that accolade went to Blue Archive, which could be seen throughout the venue.

Holo Live was also strong in popularity.

One of the biggest surprises was this notice, posted inside the media reception area, which told us that Comic Market had been awarded the Golden Medal of Merit by the Japanese Red Cross Society.

This was in response to the blood donation drive at nearby Kokusai Tenjijo Station, which is held whenever Comiket occurs. The shelf life of blood is said to be quite short so the blood donated during Winter Comiket will likely be of immediate use in medical settings during the year-end and New Year holidays.

For many visitors, however, the highlight was the cosplayers, and they didn’t disappoint, with beautifully made costumes and well-honed poses that brought a smile to everyone’s faces. So let’s take a look at some of the best from the day below!

▼ Exit 8 from The Exit 8 | Cosplayer: ⒿⓀ①ⒸⒻⓉ/①

Genba Neko (Onsite Cat) | Cosplayer: @nora912 

Nazuna Nanakusa from Call of the Night | Cosplayer: @rincha40_cos  

▼ Yzak Jule from Gundam Seed| Cosplayer: @sukumizuus

▼ Baki and Baki’s House from Baki the Grappler | Cosplayer: @zakizaki62623 (Baki) and @denki_sanda (Baki’s House)

▼ Kama from Fate/Grand Order | Cosplayer: @Yukinozomi3

▼ Rime from Kamitsubaki Studio | Cosplayer:@yamo8cos

▼ Harusaruhi from Kamitsubaki Studio | Cosplayer: @nayupettan

▼ Kaf from Kamitsubaki Studio | Cosplayer: @su_zu_na_sc

▼ The three cosplayers above were associated with the official Kamitsubaki Studio booth (pictured below).

▼ Suzuran from Arknights | Cosplayer: @_Yoko0_

▼ Modernia from Goddess of Victory: Nikke | Cosplayer: @homakiho

▼ Soda from Goddess of Victory: Nikke | Cosplayer: @rinyanpassan

▼ Snow White: Innocent Days from Goddess of Victory: Nikke | Cosplayer: @suya0113

As this year’s cosplayers kept everyone’s spirits up in the cold outdoors, the cosplayers at the official booths indoors did a great job of attracting attention.

Here we have software publishing companies Aquaplus

▼ …and Nexton.

▼ Alongside anime Synduality: Noir

▼ …and video game Reverse: 1999.

▼ Other highlights included Muv-Luv

▼ … and HoYoverse.

▼ And to wrap things up, one final look at the Yostar booth.

So there you have it — a bumper collection of photos from Day One of Winter Comiket. It was a fantastic day made even more enjoyable by the cosplayers who kindly posed for us, and now we can’t wait to see what Summer Comiket has to offer!

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