Six ways to link your wardrobe and gaming passion.

We’re coming up on a year since The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but that doesn’t mean the game has left the hearts of its massive fanbase. For the latest installment in its flagship fantasy franchise, Nintendo went above and beyond in creating such a robust physics engine and in-game construction system that there’s seemingly no end to the ways for creative players to explore the secret-stuffed world and overcome its challenging puzzles and battles.

So just in time to celebrate the game’s first birthday, Uniqlo is releasing a line of awesome new Tears of the Kingdom T-shirts.

There’s a total of six designs split up into three different styles: graphics on both back and front, graphics only on the front, and graphics on back and front plus a chest pocket.

Starting with the pocketless front-and-back-graphic shirts, the first has a stylish gray-on-black rendering of Link reaching out to try to catch Zelda before she falls into the abyss in the game’s opening sequence, and Tears of the Kingdom’s evocative key art on the back.

More subtly stylized is this shirt in white, with a crest on the front and the hilt of the Master Sword, flanked by the crystalline eyes of the Light Dragon, on the back.

▼ “To swallow a secret stone is to become an immortal dragon…one blessed with eternal life,” reads the text across the back.

Moving on to the front-only designs, this ominous-looking option has a pack of Bokoblins rampaging underneath the Blood Moon, and includes text of the narration that accompanies the occurrence of the sinister celestial phenomenon.

▼ “Witness the blood moon’s rise. When its red glow shines upon the land, the aimless spirits of slain monsters return to flesh. Just as they did in a war long past. The world is threatened once again.”

Though Link has remained the main character in Tears of the Kingdom, just as he has for each and every Zelda game, he’s aided in his quest by the four Sages, Yunobo, Sidon, Riju, and Tulin, all of whom appear on this design, as does Zelda.

It’s the pocketed shirts, though, where the designers have gotten especially clever and playful.

Fans will quickly recognize the sign of the Hudson Construction Company on this shirt’s front. Within Tears of the Kingdom, there’s a series of puzzles in which you have to help a flustered employee of the company keep their sign from toppling over at various locations across the realm, and if you peek into the pocket of the Uniqlo shirt, you’ll see that this one isn’t quite secure yet.

There’s another cool Easter egg on the back, or two, really.

That’s the Hylian script seen in Tears of the Kingdom and its predecessor game, Breath of the Wild. Hylian is actually a pretty simple cypher that substitutes one symbol for one English letter, even within the Japanese version of the game. The bottom line on the shirt translates to “Construction Company,” so you might assume the top says “Hudson.” Actually, though, it says “Enokida,” the name of the company-founding character in the Japanese-language version of the game, but with the bottom line still being “Construction Company,” not a Japanese equivalent for the term.

And for the last design…

…here come the Koroks!

The plant creatures, who pop up all over the place with problems they need Link to solve, provide much of the light puzzles in the game’s overworld, often requiring scouring the surrounding area or looking at things from an alternate perspective to suss out the solution. That’s carried over here, where peering into the pocket reveals the rest of one of the little guys…

…and there’s a Korok Seed, the reward you get for helping them, around back near the hem.

The entire lineup goes on sale April 26, all priced at 1,500 yen (US$10), and can be ordered through the Uniqlo online shop here.

Source: Uniqlo
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