Time to get a taste of Nintendo’s newest adventure.

Breath of the Wild was the first game in the Legend of Zelda franchise with a full-fledged cooking system, allowing you to create edible enhancers to help you on your quest. That gameplay feature is being carried over into Breath of the Wild’s long-awaited sequel, Tears of the Kingdom, so when the new game releases this Friday, protagonist Link is going to once again be spending a lot of time chowing down, and it turns out there’s a way for human fans to enjoy the traditional cuisine of the kingdom of Hyrule here in real life.

Japanese convenience store chain Lawson is who to thank for this cross-cultural cooking collaboration. Right now, they’re offering a range of food and drink options for giving yourself a taste of The Legend of Zelda, starting with Spicy Pepper-flavor fried chicken, inspired by the Spicy Peppers that can be gathered in-game (in Japanese, they’re the somewhat more colorfully named Pokapoka Kusa no Mi, or “Warm and Toasty Grass Seeds”) for 248 yen (US$1.90). Part of Lawson’s eminently reliable Karaage-kun fried chicken line, the chain warns “Children and people who don’t like spicy flavors, please be cautious.”

Spicy Peppers aren’t the only piquant ingredient to be found in Hyrule, though. There’s also the marque seasoning in the Goron Spice Dry Curry Onigiri rice ball (160 yen), a favorite of the rock people who live on the shores of the lava flows seeping from Mount Doom.

The name of the next item on the list can be either legitimately shocking or just moderately startling. If we follow the localized item names used in the English version of Breath of the Wild this 192-yen bun would be called the Raw Meat Curry Bread. If, instead, we use a straight translation of the item’s name in the Japanese version of the game, Kemono Niku, it becomes the Beast Meat Curry Bread (and if you read the fine print of the bread’s wrapper, Lawson quietly reveals that it’s cubed pork).

If you’re feeling fancy, there’s the Hearty Truffle Aroma Mushroom Focaccia (192 yen)…

…the Hearty Salmon and Fresh Milk Clam Chowder (451 yen)…

…and to wash it all down, a Mighty Banana au Lait-flavor drink (218 yen), with three different versions of package illustration.

▼ In the Japanese version of the game, the Mighty Bananas are called Tsurugi Bananas, or “Sword Bananas.”

The lineup went on sale May 7, the same day Lawson launched a promotional campaign in which buying marked candies or beverages will get customers Tears of the Kingdom clear files or cloths, while supplies last.

▼ A total of six clear files are available, and when placed side-by-side their background align for a continuous image.

And don’t forget that Lawson also just so happens to be the same convenience store where you can buy prize lottery tickets for those awesome Zelda houseware items.

Source: Lawson via IT Media
Images: Lawson
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