Idol saga/murder thriller provides fashions for adults and kids.

The oshi part of the title of hit anime/manga Oshi no Ko comes from the verb osu, meaning to support, endorse, or champion a person or idea. It’s a particularly useful word in the idol fan community when talking about one’s personal favorite idol, and now for Oshi no Ko fans who want to show their support for the series, Uniqlo is bringing out a new T-shirt line.

There are a total of five adult-size designs in the lineup, starting with this one with idol Ai Hoshino standing tall on the back.

Swing on over to the front, and you’ll find the declaration “Limitless eternal support for Ai!” appropriately right over the wearer’s heart.

Ai also shows up on a shirt with a much darker color scheme, but as anyone who’s seen/read Oshi no Ko can tell you, it’s not always a bright, cheery story.

Oshi no Ko’s title itself is a play on words, as it can translate either to “My Favorite Idol” or “My Favorite Idol’s Children.” It’s not long before the series’ spotlight shifts from Ai to her son, Aqua, and daughter, Ruby, who share space on this shirt.

Ruby goes on to become a performer herself, joining with Kana Arima and Mem-Cho to make up the idol unit B-Komachi, who appear on the fourth shirt.

And finally, rounding out the adult-size line is a shirt with Ai’s rabbit cosplay outfit.

In addition to the five adult-size shirts, Uniqlo is also releasing four kids-size designs, which is kind of a bold merchandising choice for a series with as much murder in it as Oshi no Ko.

▼ Two of the designs are even exclusive to kids’ sizes.

Each of the adult-size shirts is priced at 1,500 yen (US$9.70) and the kids’ 990. They’re scheduled to go on sale July 5 and can be purchased through the Uniqlo online shop here.

Source: Uniqlo via Travel Watch
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