Tokyo acid attack suspect caught in Okinawa, was victim’s senpai in university club

More details of the crime emerge, but the question of “why” remains.

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Acid attack occurs at Tokyo subway station as man gets sulfuric acid thrown in his face

Police are looking for attacker seen in security footage whose actions also injured innocent woman.

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Japanese dentistry association says don’t hesitate to brush right after you eat

That might not sound like a shocking headline for those of us whom have been taught to brush right after every meal from an early age. But recent reports from the past decade have been suggesting something different.

Articles from the Mayo Clinic, Colgate, and New York Times among others have been advocating waiting 30 to 60 minutes after eating to brush. Apparently the delayed brushing movement has gotten so strong that parents Japan are beginning to complain to schools making children brush their teeth right after lunch time.

So the Japan Society of Pediatric Dentistry (JSPD) issued a statement telling everyone to not believe the hype and that it’s actually in your best interest to brush right away.

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