Anti-Asian Racism Social Experiment restores our faith in humanity【Video】

A reminder that for all the people who hate, there are many more willing to love and protect.

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Critics of Hollywood Asian “whitewashing” come up with a John Cho-based solution

How many of these “actor-swapped” movies would you watch?

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Can ‘Make Me Asian’ App Make Japanese People Look Asian Too? We Investigate

Recently a lot of Asian Americans are getting their pantsu in a bunch about an Android app called “Make Me Asian” that allows users to slant their eyes, yellow their skin and add other stereotypical Asian features to their photos.

Critics say the app uses dated and racist stereotypes that marginalize and humiliate Asian Americans. There is even an online petition asking Google to remove the app, which has nearly 3,000 signatures as of December 28.

Alright, so the Asian American community is clearly offended, but what do Asian Asians think of this app?

Well, they think it’s pretty fun, actually.

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