Naomi Osaka hits back at Japanese comedians’ “too sunburned” comment

Witty response proves Osaka isn’t just a tennis pro, she’s a marketing queen. 

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Naomi Osaka called “too tanned” in Japanese comedy routine

Comedians and management apologise for saying the tennis pro “needs bleach”.

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Translator at Japanese marathon under fire for calling African athletes “cute chimpanzees”

Completely unacceptable.

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Paralympic fencing medalist under fire for “slanted eye” photo on Instagram

The Internet has some fierce words for Italian wheelchair fencer Emanuele Lambertini, and are even calling for his medal to be revoked.

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Pokémon anime TV episode will not air in U.S., blackface concerns assumed to be reason why

Episode featuring Ash disguising himself as a Passimian is missing from Disney broadcast lineup.

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Shinji’s “Mexican” scream sparks snickering and debate over Evangelion language comparison video

Anime’s most controversial series continues to cause discord as some hear comedy and others see insensitivity.

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Partner of Japanese Eddie Murphy blackface comedian says “Exile him from the country.”

Long debate on national television ensues.

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Japanese Tumblr user drops hammer on debate of if Caucasian girl’s Japan-themed party was racist

“The only people who think culture shouldn’t be shared are racists like you.”

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Japanese Twitter seems to have no problems with Karlie Kloss’ “geisha” photo shoot

With the controversy over the model’s Vogue photos ongoing, has anyone bothered to check on how Japan feels?

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“Eyes are closed”: Asian man’s passport photo denied

A Taiwanese-born New Zealander has had his passport photo rejected by his own government due to “closed eyes”.

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Japanese sushi chain responds to racism claims after serving excessive wasabi to foreigners

Foreigners complained that chefs at a restaurant in Osaka added up to two times more wasabi in their sushi when serving non-Japanese customers.

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Japanese commercial explaining how to greet a foreigner accused of racism

A Kirin “Rich Green Tea” ad teaching Japanese people the appropriate way to greet foreigners attracted some criticism online, with some calling it racist.

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Chinese ad for laundry detergent is remarkably racist

Qiaobi detergent promises to fight stains and wash away any faith in humanity you might be feeling at the moment.

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As Microsoft US’s AI chatbot turns racist troll, Japan’s won’t shut up about anime and hay fever

While Tay, Microsoft US’s deep-learning AI chatbot, devolves into a horrifying racist, Microsoft Japan’s Rinna has other things on her mind…

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Is this new Star Wars promotional poster from China kinda racist? It certainly seems so

The promotional poster for the new entry in the Star Wars franchise appears to omit or downplay non-white actors.

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YouTuber asks “Is it really racist if you can’t tell Asians from different countries apart?”

“All Asian people look alike” is something that many Westerners are bound to have heard at some point in their lives. While some people argue that such a statement is an example of racial discrimination, one man is out to challenge the view by arguing that not being able to tell people of certain ethnicities apart is not equivalent to being a racist.

British YouTuber GradeAUnderA recently posted a cheeky video titled Racism Test–See How Racist You Really Are!, which has already spread around the world during its short existence. In the video, he attempts to call out people who are hypersensitive to racism by daring his viewers to pass a five-round quiz in which they have to identify the ethnicity, vocation, and so on of certain people based solely on their outer appearances. Many Japanese net users have so far found the quiz to be extremely difficult–how will you fare?

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Dirty play during Japanese soccer league game sparks racial tensions 【Video】

Soccer fans all over Japan have been enjoying the recent start of the J. League’s 2015 season. In the fourth week, however, an incident of dirty play has highlighted the need to stamp out dirty play in the game, but has also incited some quite severe racial tension in the soccer world.

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Idol group’s collaboration with blackfaced performers sparks controversy in America

J-pop-cum-doo-wop group Rats & Star have been active for decades in Japan singing soul tunes and doing the occasional electric slide. It’s a style of music that they have embraced whole-heartedly. In fact they are so into the sound that they paint themselves black during shows to look the part.

Their act had continued without major incident for quite some time until one of their singers Yoshio Sato posted a promotional image of them with idol unit Momoiro Clover Z on Twitter for an upcoming TV appearance, nearly all with faces painted black.

As you might expect, many Americans are up in arms over the image, but what do Japanese people have to say about this?

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Racism hits close to home in China as Beijing store reportedly “bans” Chinese customers

In the wake of the protests in the US over the controversial Ferguson decision and subsequently President Obama’s unfortunate choice of words galvanizing anti-immigration sentiments in Japan, the Chinese are facing a racism scandal of their own, but this time by their own people.

A Beijing store recently came under fire when they hung a sign outside of their shop proclaiming: “Chinese not admitted. Staff excluded.” Just so we’re clear, this is in China.

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“Is Japan racist?”: New video humorously confronts long-standing question

There have been several commercials pulled off the air in Japan that some have dubbed “racist” and plenty of online banter to add to the debate. But we’ve also seen anti-anti-Korean protesters in Tokyo willing to stand up against truly hateful right-wing activists and many other examples of Japanese citizens whose actions seem to show that Japan is not as xenophobic as some may believe.

So is Japan racist? It seems there isn’t a clear-cut answer, but leave it to “twin brothers” Ken Tanaka and David Ury to bring us a humors video confronting this long-standing question.

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