Bruce Lee

Six-year-old Bruce Lee fan copies martial arts movies perfectly, also learning how to read【Videos】

One year later, little Ryusei proves he’s still got better moves than most adults.

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Celebrating Bruce Lee’s 75th birthday with a Hong Kong pilgrimage

Had he not died at 32, this year would have been Bruce Lee’s 75th birthday. To honor the occasion we took a whirlwind pilgrimage through Hong Kong!

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Mini Bruce Lee from Japan wins the Internet this week 【Video】

It’s only Tuesday, but we feel safe in declaring this week’s Internet champion already: Ryusei, the cutest Bruce Lee we’ve ever seen.

While Bruce Lee spawned many imitators both in life and after his death, Ryusei might be the only one we’re willing to accept as the new Bruce Lee. And we doubt many will argue!

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Enter the double! This is “Afghan Bruce Lee”, and he’s a high-kicking sensation【Pictures】

A 20-year-old Afghan man is being described as “the reincarnation of Bruce Lee” after photos and videos of him striking iconic poses and wielding nunchucks were posted online.

Abbas Alizada, who goes by the name of Afghan Bruce Lee due to his striking resemblance to the star, hopes to show another side to his war-torn country. “The only news that comes from Afghanistan is about war,” he said in a recent interview.

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Bruce Lee brought to life again by CGI

Technology is a powerful tool. Think of the outstanding level of computer graphics created solely for the sake of our entertainment. Skilled 3-D artists can create entire worlds and bring impossible creatures to life if given the right imaging software. Now, the advertising industry is using those same tools to play necromancer and revive the dearly departed kung-fu legend, Bruce Lee.

That’s right; the image of Bruce Lee is back at work, but not on action films. This Chinese TV commercial uses the words and life-like image of our most beloved action movie legend to motivate you… into buying whiskey.

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Bruce Lee’s brother shares embarrassing tale of the late action hero’s fear of cockroaches

On July 13 this year, the film Bruce Lee, My Brother (released as Young Bruce Lee in English), will be coming to Japan. It was originally released in Hong Kong in 2010 and tells the story of Bruce Lee’s childhood and early career as based on a book, Memories of Lee Siu Loong, written by the dearly departed movie star’s siblings.

Robert Lee, Bruce Lee’s younger brother, has visited Japan to promote the film. While here he took part in an exclusive interview with online newspaper, Tokyo Sport, where he addressed many of the rumors surrounding Bruce Lee’s untimely death at the age of just 32. He also shared an unexpected story involving the top-notch fighter’s dreadful fear of cockroaches.

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