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If, like me, you spend the majority of your waking hours sitting in front of a computer screen, you probably have some kind of musical accompaniment to help keep the dark bunnies of insanity at bay. But it can be hard to find music that is both pleasant to listen to and not overly distracting while working, so you may find yourself spending more time choosing an audio track than getting any actual work done.

Thankfully, you can now get the music from Nintendo’s adorable community sim Animal Crossing right in your web browser as a free plugin for Google Chrome. And not only that, the tunes change depending on the time of day–just like in the game!

Shared by gaming news site Polygon this past weekend, Animal Crossing Music is a free plugin for the Google Chrome web browser made by fan and NeoGAF user Andrex, and features all of the tunes from Nintendo’s classic wander-around-picking-stuff-up-and-just-chillin’ series, which are surprisingly apt for work.

Once installed, a small icon appears in the usual plugin spot in your browser showing none other than guitar-playing canine K.K. Slider. Give him a click and you’ll be swept into the world of Animal Crossing as the music for that time of day begins to play.

▼ Hey there, Mr Slider!

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The plugin’s options also allow you to tweak the volume, select which of the Animal Crossing games’ music you’d like to listen to and choose whether or not to have notifications appear when the hour changes (something I found useful when getting lost down YouTube holes during breaks…).

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I installed the plugin earlier today to try for myself. At first, I wasn’t sure entirely whether I’d be able to stand the simple music looping so frequently, but as I found myself getting lost in my work and busy yelling at writers for daring to misplace a single apostrophe, I found myself settling into it and actually found it quite pleasant to listen to. For fans of the games especially, this is a strangely soothing audio accompaniment to desk work–just entertaining enough to keep you moving, but not so much that it’ll break your concentration. Why not give it a try?

Source: Google Chrome Store h/t Polygon