Norman Reedus comments on Silent Hills’ reported cancellation

The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus posted his reaction to reports that director Guillermo del Toro said their Silent Hillsgame project is not going to happen.

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Absurd anti-prostitution proposal in Russia gets Japanese commenters’ tongues wagging

Prostitution is often called the oldest job in history. While that seems like a less-than-realistic claim, it doesn’t change the fact that the sale and purchase of sex has been around for millennia and will likely continue despite the various efforts to ban it. However, that hasn’t stopped some from trying. Take, for example, a Russian politician who recently suggested that people caught with prostitutes ought to face a fine and prison term–unless they agree to marry the sex worker!

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Dove’s “Real Beauty” commercial a big hit in Japan

Sex, as the saying goes, sells. What exactly that means seems to be somewhat up to interpretation–we don’t think you’d want to buy a couch after watching a couple…um…”frolicking” on it–but it’s hard to deny that a bit of sexiness goes a long way in boosting sales. Even something as boring as shampoo can seem exciting when you film a young, perky model showering.

Of course, not everyone thinks that this is the best way to hock merchandise. Last year Dove earned a bit of respect from consumers with their “Real Beauty” campaign aimed at bolstering women’s self-images and emphasizing seeing the natural beauty we all have. Though the main commercial hit the shores of Japan last spring, it seems that it’s recently gotten a lot of attention over here. Click below to see what Japanese commenters are saying about the video!

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Japanese commenters react to “Asian guy vs white girls” video

Stereotypes suck. For every stupid, preconceived idea that anyone has about any group of people, there are a million counter examples proving it wrong–if you’ll allow me to generalize for a moment. And it seems that one of the most persistent stereotypes is that Caucasian women simply don’t like Asian men at all.

Now, it is certainly true that, statistically speaking, Asian men in the United States, for example, tend to cohabit with or marry Caucasian women far less then the Asian women and Caucasian men. But “statistically speaking” and “in practice” are completely different things.

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