Corporal punishment

Kumamoto teacher suspended for slapping student on the head and kicking him for 35 minutes

But critics say that’s not a good enough punishment.

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Survey reveals 70 percent of Japanese adults believe corporal punishment is necessary

In light of an upcoming law, this survey sought adults’ attitudes towards broad topics related to disciplining children and child abuse.

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Sending naughty kids to bed without dinner may soon be illegal in Japan

Guidelines from ministry say “any corporal punishment, no matter how light, is prohibited.”

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“Well, yeah, of course you’re gonna get punched if you talk to someone that way.”

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Japanese school teacher in hot water for knocking student’s face against chalkboard, other abuse

The teacher had been allowed to teach again despite previous incidents.

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Teacher beats student over flippant comment, only loses 1/10 of salary

We can almost, kind of, maybe a little bit, understand why some teachers get angry enough to hit their students. When thinking about high school, there are enough cringe-worthy moments of complete jerkery where one wouldn’t blame a teacher for reaching out and slapping certain students across the mouth.

That’s not to say that such behavior is acceptable, of course! Only that, in some cases, maybe we can kind of get how infuriating students can be.

This is not one of those cases.

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‘Smell my spit!’ and other Japanese teachers’ corporal punishments

It goes without saying that corporal punishment is unforgivable. At least that’s the mode of thinking these days (and boy are we glad for it), but it wasn’t always the case. In the Showa Period (1926 to 1989), it was incredibly common in elementary, middle, and high schools. In fact, it was so common that it seemed almost inconceivable for a school not to have corporal punishment.

Still, we wondered what it was really like, so the prestigious RocketNews24 Japan team took a survey to find out what sorts of punishments were common in the Showa Period. Read More

We’ve all had teachers with a variety of temperaments. Some were cool, mellow. Some awkward, or just characters. (But hey, teachers are human too and they have to put up with students’ quirkiness as well).

Have you ever said or done anything that pushed your teacher over the edge, even for just a second? Below are an assortment of such utterances taken from a 2ch thread titled “Tell Us Something You Said That Pissed off Your Teacher.” Some of them may sound weird, and you may be shocked at the violent reaction of some of the teachers, but you need to take into account that some forms of hitting are still considered acceptable in Japanese schools. Read More