Final Fantasy VI

US$12,000 Final Fantasy figure is so amazingly beautiful it just might be worth the price【Photos】

If you’re gonna drop 1.485 million yen on a video game figure, this is the one to do it on.

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Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster keeps game’s craziest attack intact, but there’s one problem【Vid】

Hey, that’s not how you suplex a train!

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Here’s proof that Final Fantasy’s most insane villain is also insanely handsome

We’re not talking about pretty boy swordsman Sephiroth, but crazy clown dictator Kefka after you wash away all that makeup.

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Artistic mom recreates iconic Final Fantasy art in glimmering beads

Moms are the best, especially when you make an off-hand comment asking them for something and they turn around and give you pure awesomeness.

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Final Fantasy fans want more remakes, so will Square Enix listen?

With the recent “surprise” announcement that Final Fantasy VII is being remade, fans are wondering if Square Enix will start taking more requests. The pleas from gamers for a FF VII remake began way back in 2005 when the opening sequence for the game was recreated using the graphics capability of the PS3. So if the famous video game company is willing to finally give the fans what they have been asking for, why not ask for more?

A petition has been started that is asking Square Enix to remake another classic from their catalog of “final” role-playing games. Will the gaming company listen to their fans, or will it be another long wait for Final Fantasy enthusiasts?

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