We’re not talking about pretty boy swordsman Sephiroth, but crazy clown dictator Kefka after you wash away all that makeup.

Despite being the perpetrator of the franchise’s most infamous homicide, fans have largely bestowed the title of “handsomest Final Fantasy villain” upon Final Fantasy VII antagonist Sephiroth. Sure, he may occasionally decide he wants to murder someone from your party (or all the collective someones who make up a whole planet), but his flowing silver hair and mako-infused eyes have been making fangirls swoon since 1997.

▼ Sephiroth

On the other hand, “handsome” isn’t a word that comes up very often in discussing Sephiroth’s immediate predecessor, Final Fantasy VI archvillain Kefka. Instead, Kefka routinely gets called “diabolical” or “treacherous,” given his propensity to betray and murder even his fellow antagonists, and also “crazy” for the glee in which he does so, plus his propensity for dressing like a clown, disturbing face paint included.

▼ Kefka

Kefka recently earned himself a gig as a guest boss in an update to Final Fantasy XIV, because he’s still memorable, even if he’s not as handsome as Sephroth. Except, maybe he is as good-looking as Sephiroth, because as Japanese Twitter user @skyhihihi1 has proven, once you scrape off all the insane cosmetics, Kefka is insanely hot.

Sure, the guy still looks like he needs to get out in the sun a little more (perhaps that clown makeup also acts as an overly effective sunblock?), but if Kefka would wash his face in-game, players would see he’s got a chiseled jaw, proud lips, a regal nose, and lasciviously long eyelashes framing his cool yet beckoning bedroom eyes.

Even before adjusting the original image from Final Fantasy XIV to remove Kefka’s makeup, @skyhihihi1 had a hunch the villain would turn out to be surprisingly attractive, but the Internet was caught by surprise at the truth that was hidden under the purple lipstick and batwing/batshit eyeliner. One commenter went so far as to say the au naturel Kefka looks like David Bowie.

So now that Kefka’s secret photogenic factor is out of the bag, maybe fans will start bugging developer Square Enix to remake Final Fantasy VI with modern visuals once they’re done with that Final Fantasy VII remake.

Source: Twitter/@skyhihihi1 via Jin
Top image: YouTube/Redwolfxx