Flood victims send SOS tweets on Twitter in wake of Typhoon Hagibis

Residents trapped by rising floodwaters use special disaster hashtags to get the attention of the Self-Defence Forces.

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Flooded disaster-struck region in Japan urges people to use hashtag to tell everyone they’re okay

After dealing with a natural disaster, this part of Japan is now struggling to prevent financial disaster as well.

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X Japan’s Yoshiki donates 10 million yen to disaster relief after western Japan’s torrential rain

One more step in the musician and band’s mission to help children in pain.

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Evacuation orders issued as town in northern Japan is flooded by rising tidewaters

Residents of Nemuro City, the easternmost point on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, have a close relationship with the sea. Fishing is an important industry for the town, which is known for its salmon, saury, and shellfish, and being located on a long, thin peninsula means at any spot in Nemuro, you’re never far from at least two coastlines.

Unfortunately, this also means Nemuro has more angles from which to be flooded, and huge stretches of it are currently underwater due to rapidly rising tides, as dramatic photos from the city show.

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