Otaku in Western Art: Hilarious viral hashtag finds geeks hiding in classic masterpieces

Otaku struggles are real and they’ve been right under our noses for centuries.

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Flooded disaster-struck region in Japan urges people to use hashtag to tell everyone they’re okay

After dealing with a natural disaster, this part of Japan is now struggling to prevent financial disaster as well.

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Pokémon memes go viral as Japan pokes fun at Exeggutor’s new long-necked Alola form

Exeggutor turns into a tall palm tree for the new Pokémon Sun and Moon games and fans have wasted no time in making fun of him with a slew of hilarious memes!

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The best, most adorable “Pokémon 20th anniversary” artwork shared online by fans

Everyone’s favorite pocket monsters just turned 20, and the online world is celebrating with some fantastic artwork!

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Japanese artists illustrate cosplayers—and the results are amazing【Pics】

Cosplaying becomes infinitely more magical when it’s immortalised as anime-style artwork.

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You’ll be surprised when you see who draws these adorable moe characters

Do you know what the creator of Naruto, Masahi Kishimoto, looks like? How about Hello Kitty‘s artist, Yuko Shimizu? Despite their drawings being prevalent all over the world, most people have probably never seen the true faces of these famous artists. With this in mind, amateur artists around Japan have been tweeting  #イラストと描いた人 (an illustration and the artist who drew it), including their own picture beside a work of their art.

Unfortunately, a lot of people choose to hide their faces behind cosplay masks, editing techniques or just facing away from the camera. Some don’t even post a real photo! However, the artist behind the really cute drawings above decided to post a real, unhindered picture, but it might not be what you’re expecting…

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