Guerrilla rain

Intense rainfall suddenly floods part of Tokyo’s Asagaya neighborhood【Video】

Japan’s “guerrilla rain” launches a summer squall sneak attack.

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Crazy-huge hail chunks pound Tokyo as “guerrilla rain” hits the capital【Videos, photos】

Summer may be the rainy season, but hail like this is freaky even for Japan.

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Guerrilla Rainfare: The sudden aquatic attack on Tokyo!

On Tuesday, July 23 at roughly 2:40 p.m., Tokyo came under attack–by massive, violent rainfall!

Called “guerrilla rain” (gerira gou in Japanese), the rain, lightning, and thunder didn’t last particularly long, but, like the battlefield tactics it’s named after, the surprise weather unleashed a hell of a downpour in a short time.

Luckily for us, Twitter caught it all in a collection of cool photos!

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