Japanese actress Yui Aragaki stars in new H&M campaign

Gakki steps into summer as the ambassador for a new sustainable fashion line.

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Secret otaku certification test: Can you see the perfect anime cosplay hidden in this H&M ad?

An iconic anime hero, hiding in plain sight.

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Japan, anime-inspired patterned clothing on sale as part of H&M’s new spring lineup

A few years ago when I lived in northern Japan, I and the other resident foreigners were pretty excited when we first heard that a new H&M would be opening in Sendai. The store would be a familiar, inexpensive alternative to Uniqlo, and we wouldn’t have to travel all the way to shop at the Tokyo store, after all.

It’s too bad that I’m not around anymore to check out H&M’s spring 2015 fashion line, which includes some adorable Japan and anime-inspired prints. But wait–we can buy some of them overseas, too!? 

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