Korean pastry chef crafts incredibly realistic floral cakes using just buttercream 【Pics】

When cakes are no longer something to be eaten, but to be looked at.

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3-D paper-cutting artist shows off masterpieces made from single piece of paper【Pics】

Japanese kirie master SouMa doesn’t believe paper-cutting needs to be so two-dimensional.

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Mastered origami? Try the next traditional Japanese paper art: kirie!【Photos】

Most people who have a fondness for Japan have encountered origami at one point or another. It’s certainly one of the most famous of the Japanese paper arts and the origami crane carries so much more meaning than a simple piece of paper.

Another Japanese art that utilizes the complexities of paper is kirie, or paper cutting art. All it takes is a craft knife, a little dedication and free time and you can turn a black piece of paper into a stand-out work of art. Looking for a new hobby this winter vacation? Look no further than kirie!

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Our Reporter’s Top 10 Awesome Things About North Korea

OK, hands up: how many of you have ever paid a visit to North Korea? For purposes of photography, our man Kuzo recently found himself crossing the border into what is admittedly a country that differs in many respects to anything many of us have ever seen before. While he was there, he kept a list of things that stood out, impressed and downright confused him. Our reporter’s top 10 awesome things about North Korea after the break.

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