iPhone5S sells for US$10,000 on eBay

Since the 20 September launch of the iPhone5S and iPhone5C some people have already purchased theirs while others remain on waiting lists. All around the world the iPhone5S is in short supply, the gold model in particular proving especially difficult to lay hands on.

So when a gold iPhone5S became available on eBay this week the bidding quickly got out of control, with the price of the phone shooting up to around US$10,000.

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The iPhone’s fingerprint lock also works with toes and nipples

Probably the most intriguing feature of the new generation iPhone is its fingerprint authentication. Once recognized by the system, only the true user’s fingerprint will unlock the phone, rendering it impossible for anyone else operate.

However, registering a fingerprint has its drawbacks. Someone can easily press the phone against your finger while you sleep and have access to all your secrets. If you want maximum security, we recommend using your toe or nipple. They really work!

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Someone uses a note to hold their place in line at the Apple store, the Internet goes ballistic

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will prevent diehard Apple fans from being the first to get their hands on the newest Apple product. One of our reporters has waited in line for eight days to get an Apple lucky bag. An iPhone 5 cosplayer waited in line for the first day release and didn’t even buy an iPhone 5. But the dedication of this next “Apple lover” is questionable. Instead of slumming it with the rest of the iPhone 5S hopefuls in front of the Ginza Apple store, this person decided to leave a note instead, hoping to save their spot in line without having to actually be in line.

When the first person in line at the very same store got there ten days early, sat through an entire night of rain, and made a special rig using a car battery to charge his laptop, this note leaver seems a little weak. Japanese netizens were not afraid to let us know how they feel about this line cheater.

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China Releases Knockoff iPhone5S Before Actual iPhone5S Goes on Sale

Just like every other Apple release, scores of eager Apple fanatics will wait in line for hours (or days) in order to be one of the first to get their hands on the new iPhone5S. But for those who are so eager they can’t wait for the rumored August 2013 release, there is now an alternative to waiting: purchase the Goophone i5S, China’s knockoff iPhone5S, on sale now.

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