Could it be a ghost? Video of a floating rock in a Japanese cemetery spooks Japanese Twitter

The small rock bounced and spun around in the air for almost two minutes, even after being caught and touched by a person.

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Japan’s new traffic cones come with built-in Jizō Bosatsu, the protective deity of travellers

There’s no better way to look after the roads than with built-in protection from one of Japan’s most revered deities.

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Japanese Man Recieved 1-Year Prison Sentence for Stealing 12 Cents

On 13 May, 2012, 66 year-old Osaka resident Masafumi Tsuruhara was visiting Mount Koya in Wakayama Prefecture.  While there, he thought he might help himself to a ten-yen coin (US$0.12), which was left at a statue as a religious offering.

For this, Tsuruhara was apprehended for stealing and brought before the Wakayama court, which sentenced him to one year and eight months in prison.

He later appealed to the Osaka High Court, which agreed that the sentence was too heavy for ten yen. The judge reversed the original sentence and imposed a new one of one year in prison.

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