Justin Bieber

SoftBank finally unveils new ads featuring Justin Bieber speaking Japanese【Video】

The singer rubs shoulders with some of SoftBank’s finest stars while dressed as a student in Japanese school uniform.

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Justin Bieber teams up with Piko Taro for new Japanese Softbank commercial【Video】

The bromance is strong between these two singing sensations.

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Measles confirmed in Justin Bieber concertgoer, Japan now worried about possible epidemic

Worries increase that some of the 25,000 people that attended Bieber’s concert in Chiba Prefecture may have brought back an unpleasant “souvenir” with them.
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Justin Bieber kisses two of Japan’s most popular idols, breaks the hearts and minds of their fans

Two pecks on the cheek, far, far more angry idol otaku.

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Japan surprised to find Justin Bieber and world praying for them

On the morning of Saturday, November 14, many Japanese Beliebers, along with some Non-Beliebers and Agnobiebers, awoke and checked into Twitter as usual only to find the famous Canadian pop star declaring that he was praying for their souls right alongside those of the people of Paris.

Confused and a little concerned, I—a card-carrying Agnobeiber—showed the above tweet to my coworkers, all of whom were equally baffled as to why Justin Bieber should be praying for them, considering nothing out of the ordinary happened here in Japan.

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Justin Bieber’s Yasukuni Shrine visit draws scorn from Asian fans

Being an international pop star like Canada’s Justin Bieber is certain to have its share of pitfalls. Scandals such as unfortunate comments at the Anne Frank house and more recently charges of drunk driving and egging a house have continued to dog him.

So this Easter weekend, the award-winning performer made a trip to Japan to get away from it all. After all, what could possibly go wrong here?

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Justin Bieber (maybe) spotted in Shibuya by adoring fans, ignored by everyone else

Photos began appearing on the Twittersphere late last night purportedly showing Canadian teen heart-throb Justin Bieber out and about on the streets of Shibuya. Judging by the pictures, the star was largely ignored by Shibuya shoppers as he walked the streets surrounded by friends and plain-clothes guards, though in all honesty with his hood up and a pair of enormous shades covering most of his face, we’re not entirely surprised.

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Justin Bieber Arrives in Tokyo to Crowd of Frenzied Japanese Girls, Eats Sushi With His Bare Hands

Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez arrived at Tokyo’s Narita Airport on Monday local time to a crowd of about 600 screaming Japanese fans armed with their smartphones and ready to snap up pictures of the 18-year-old Canadian pop-star and post them to Twitter (because that’s what Japanese girls do).

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