Yasukuni Shrine

Sakura report 2019: Cherry blossom season officially declared in Tokyo!

Hanami season began today in the capital, giving us a better idea of when to expect the glorious full bloom period.

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Sakura report 2019: First cherry blossoms begin to bloom in Tokyo

Cherry blossom season has officially arrived in Japan!

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Company known for Pokémon cards and toys under fire for tweet about visiting Yasukuni Shrine

Korean and Chinese netizens demand apologies from the company for tweeting about the controversial shrine.

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Sakura season 2018 officially declared in Tokyo as first cherry blossoms begin to bloom

Hanami flower-viewing season begins nine days earlier than average as the city’s official “sample tree” sprouts its first blossoms.

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Police arrest Korean national on suspicion of Tokyo shrine bombing

Explosion occurred at controversial Yasukuni religious site roughly two weeks ago.

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8 things you should never say to a Japanese person

We asked Japanese people to tell us the things foreigners say or think about Japan that really gets their goat—and they were happy to oblige! How many of these faux pas are you guilty of?

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Police respond to explosion, suspected bombing at Yasukuni Shrine in central Tokyo

Bomb disposal unit finds remnants of suspected incendiary device at shrine for Japanese war dead in Chiyoda Ward.

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Justin Bieber’s Yasukuni Shrine visit draws scorn from Asian fans

Being an international pop star like Canada’s Justin Bieber is certain to have its share of pitfalls. Scandals such as unfortunate comments at the Anne Frank house and more recently charges of drunk driving and egging a house have continued to dog him.

So this Easter weekend, the award-winning performer made a trip to Japan to get away from it all. After all, what could possibly go wrong here?

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Yasukuni Shrine for Dummies, feat. Ian Ziering, Hitler’s corpse, and Anpanman

Ah Shinto, you’re the stoner roommate of world religions. People pride you on your laid-back “everything is god” and “it’s okay to have other religions” policies. Often times they wish they could be just like you. However, when you forget to pay the internet bill for the fourth time that way of thinking gets old real quick.

In Shinto’s case, that ISP’s final warning came in the form of Yasukuni Shrine, a shrine which serves to hold the souls of those who died in the Japanese armed forces. When it came time to include some convicted war criminals among those souls, Shinto coughed and said, “Sure man, they probably did something good along the way.”

And so, Yasukuni Shrine has become a political lightning rod inspiring right-wing nationalists in Japan and spurning the nation’s neighbors. Thankfully, this Obon season, when Japanese people habitually visit shrines to honor those who have gone before us, bread-headed children’s superhero, Anpanman, flew into Yasukuni and lent some sanity to an otherwise volatile situation.

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New Head Priest of Controversial Yasukuni Shrine Appointed

Yasuhisa Tokugawa is a descendant of the Tokugawa family consisting of the legendary Shoguns such Ieyasu Tokugawa. Yasuhisa, now 64, had a successful career in the oil business from which he retired.

Now he’s doing what you’d probably expect a retired business man to do: he became the head priest of the most controversial shrine in Japan.

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