Namie Amuro

Namie Amuro’s retirement announcement re-sparks debate on who should sing at the Olympics

With Japan’s Queen of Pop set to end her career, many are left wondering who the front-runner for the opening ceremonies is now.

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Namie Amuro Performs Theme Song, Insert Song for 2016 Death Note Film

Film opens on October 29 after 3-episode Hulu mini-series

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Hatsune Miku appears with J-pop legend Namie Amuro in new music video

Vocaloid music still isn’t exactly what you’d call mainstream in Japan, but the genre of virtual idols has made considerable strides in popularity over the last couple of years. Just last month, Vocaloid Hatsune Miku appeared on perpetually popular TV program Music Station, a feat that’s considered a feather in the cap of any performer.

Now, Japan’s most popular virtual vocalist has teamed up with one of its most popular human ones, as Hatsune Miku and J-pop recording legend Namie Amuro have collaborated on a new song and music video.

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You’ve got the Golden Touch! Namie Amuro invites you into her world with interactive music video

Japanese queen of pop Namie Amuro is back with a new studio album out June 10, and a clever music video released last week. The video for single ‘Golden Touch’ is a “simulated interactive” experience which asks you to become part of the scenes being depicted – simply by placing your fingertip in the centre of the screen throughout the track.

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TLC and Namie Amuro’s new version of “Waterfalls” irks Lopes family

When it comes to R&B of the 90s in America, TLC were undoubtedly at the top of the heap, winning four Grammy Awards and selling mountains of singles and albums, back when artists used to sell albums.

Meanwhile in Japan, after breaking away from the group she belonged to, Namie Amuro went on to see massive success as a solo artist. A pioneer of 90s fashion trends like baggy socks and tanned skin, she was the darling of Japanese TV.

However, on both sides of the Pacific these musicians would face tragedy. Amuro’s mother was murdered in 1999, and TLC lost member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes in a car accident in 2002. Now, TLC are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their hit song Waterfalls by rerecording it with Namie Amuro filling in for Left Eye. The only problem was they forgot to tell the Lopes family…

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