Ayumi Hamasaki

J-pop royalty Ayumi Hamasaki teams up with Club Harie for collaborative baum cakes

The best-selling Japanese solo musical artist in history celebrates her 25th anniversary with a special sweet treat.

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McDonald’s brings back the Japanese ‘90s with Heisei comeback menu, videos with J-pop hit【Videos】

Any Boys and Girls hungry for some ‘90s nostalgia?

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Superstar singer Ayumi Hamasaki criticized by fans for “inappropriate” Instagram picture

People apparently just want the ever-young celebrity to act her age.

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Did you know Ayumi Hamasaki released a new single? Apparently neither did anyone else…

Even if you have only the barest passing knowledge of Japanese music, there’s a very good chance you know the name Ayumi Hamasaki. Arguably the queen of Japanese solo pop artists, between 1998 and 2012, she managed to move over 50 million units including both singles and full albums. That’s a number so big, I need all my fingers, toes and a calculator to keep track of everything! She’s even crossed international boundaries with numerous fans around Asia and managed to be a star for over a decade in a country where pop stars come and go like…well, pop stars.

But is her glory finally at its end? While we’d be loath to make any proclamations about the future, the sales for her newest single “Terminal” have been nothing short of dismal, apparently shocking many music industry insiders.

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