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Street footage from Hollywood movie “Tokyo Joe” shows post-war Shibuya colourised by AI 【Video】

Originally used as the background for Humphrey Bogart’s close-up, these Japanese folks are now having their time in the spotlight.

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Japanese video shows what life was like in Tokyo and Mt Fuji over 100 years ago

Famous sites like Ueno Park and Sensoji temple look amazingly like they do today, but the people look entirely different.

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Celebrate every day on the calendar with NHK’s historical videos of Japan!

From Castle Day to Haircut Day, there’s an old-school, black-and-white video for any occasion!

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A rare look at Beijing in the 1920s【Video】

What did China’s capital look like before everyone had a camera in their pocket? This rare historical footage gives us all a unique look at Beijing just under a century ago.

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Timeless beauty: Color video of 1930s Kyoto shows how women of the day got their hair done

There’s something almost magical about old videos. They’re like looking through a magic mirror with bad reception into the past. It kind of makes you wonder what people in a few hundred years will have to say about our Vine videos.

But even better than old videos, are old color videos! They’re probably as close to time travel as we’ll ever come. Take this lovely video of Kyoto from 1934 for example. Though it’s not the oldest color video in existence, this video still manages to captivate us with its depiction of mageyui, the process of putting one’s hair up into one of the traditional mage hair styles.

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