rent a person

Japanese company offers a “little sister rental” service, and our reporter just tried it out

RocketNews24’s Seiji becomes a big brother for an afternoon.

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Japanese company offers fake friends photo service to help customers look popular on social media

Great for those looking for online admiration or a way to stick it to an ex, company says.

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A chivalrous afternoon out with one of Tokyo’s rental butlers

After spending every day working with the ruffians of RocketNews24, our reporter Meg could use some gentlemanly company.

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Renting a hot guy to make you cry and dry your tears? We try Tokyo’s newest cathartic service

Because sometimes you need a little help on the way to and from a good cry.

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Feeling cold at night? Tokyo company will dispatch a hot guy to your place for a chaste sleepover

Ikebukuro-based company provides a shoulder to cry on and arms to sleep in by dispatching hot guys to spend the night at lonely women’s homes.

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Only in Japan: Rent a hot guy to make you cry then wipe your tears away

Japan is already well-known for being the place where you can rent a human being for pretty much any occasion. There’s rentable boyfriends, girlfriends, and even middle-aged dudes to dispense relationship advice.

So the latest type of rentable person should come as no surprise: hot guys to cry with you and wipe away your tears. Ladies, are you ready for a stress-relieving cry and a good-looking dude with immaculate hands to dab your eyes with a cloth? Well then get ready for Ikemeso.

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